Brew – New Direction (2020)

Brew Mbirika, the frontman from Blue Sun, has come out with his solo project Brew. The project blends brash punk with pop melodies to create an instant gratification buzz. While his musical journey has had some pit stops along the way, his latest diversion sees him at an interesting intersection.

His debut solo single ‘New Direction’ was recorded at Jophiel Studios with renowned producer Ray Traynor. It also features Tony ‘Macca’ McGuinness from Aslan on the bass. The finely-tuned friendly rock track brings forth Brew’s talent and will stay with you for some time to come.

‘New Direction’ gets you into the mood with the guitar opening that creates a feel-good vibe. The bass and drums of the track get you moving your head to the beat. Throughout the track, the guitar comes and goes to drive the melody forward.

Brew’s vocals are smooth and have a 70s bubblegum rock feel to them. The lyrics also take you on a journey through the song. Through the lyrics, you move in a new direction with Brew and learn what it is to feel and be wanted.

Brew blends melodic rhythms, smooth lyrics and a dash of punk in ‘New Direction’. The track is the friendly rock track that you never knew you were missing. The song creates a buzz with the music while Brew’s vocals hook you and keep you singing along.

Find out more about Brew on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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