Coral Caves – This Night Love Bleeds (2020)

Coral Caves has been off the scene for the last decade, but they are back! The band formed in 2009 and consists of Christos Pappas (vocals, guitar), Matt Johnson (saxophone), Dan Hudson (drums) and Oliver L.T. (bass guitar). After their hiatus, they are revealing a new sound and direction with the track ‘This Night Love Bleeds’.

The track is a re-recorded, remixed and re-produced song combining original recordings from Labyrinth’s Path with new ones. The regeneration of the band’s sound is clear in the track as guitars take over from lutes. There is inspiration from Greek traditions as well as sounds from the Balkans.

‘This Night Love Bleeds’ draws you in with a somewhat sinister opening. The music of the track has a lot of layers for you to get through that work together to create a smoky background for the song. The increase in tempo brings the Greek and Balkan traditions to the front while getting the heart pumping.

The lyrics and vocals are reminiscent of Nick Cave with a darkness to them. You can feel there is an interesting tale in the vocals that you need to put together. While there is no single story, the lyrics lay everything out for you to build the picture yourself. Pappas’ vocal performance is intense and adds an extra dimension to the track.

Coral Caves combines different musical traditions to create the sinister ‘This Night Love Bleeds’. The use of different instruments creates the dark underbelly of the track while the vocal performance creeps along your skin.

Find out more about Coral Caves on their website, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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