Ali Horn – The Waves (2020)

Ali Horn has been making waves with his music since his debut EP in 2019. The six tracks burst onto the scene with psychedelic pop hooks. Now, he is back with his new single ‘The Waves’ which has been gaining momentum.

The track was written while looking at the slate grey skyline of Liverpool while dreaming about carefree days of sunstroke and beach-warmed love-ins. The song draws on trips where all you care about is getting in and out of a wetsuit next to the person of your dreams. This inspiration captivates you and is highly relatable, particularly during this time.

‘The Waves’ builds the seaside vibe from the first note. The melody is full of hazy and echoey tones that make you imagine a hot summer day. The music creates the perfect foundation for this fun track and reminds you of all the sounds you hear while lazing on the beach in the summer sun.

Horn’s vocals get you into the groove of the track as he paints the picture of the song. The chorus is easy to sing along to and you are left feeling happy and relaxed after listening to the track.

Ali Horn invokes the sounds of summer with ‘The Waves’ from the first hazy notes to his upbeat vocals. The track is catchy and the perfect addition to any summer playlist.

Find out more about Ali Horn on his Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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