Brick Blair – On the Zooms (2021)

With his single ‘On the Zooms’, Brick Blair explores themes that are constant through the human experience but more prevalent with the pandemic. The single was written for someone he started dating at the start of the pandemic in an effort to deepen their connection when only able to remotely connect. While diving into how he felt, the relationship was not meant to be and did not survive the pandemic.

While there is a very modern edge to the single, the overall sentiment is something that can be felt at any time. Using music as a means of showcasing emotion is not new for Brick Blair as he has been writing and performing since he was a teenager. This led to him being a Christian rock bandleader before he move away from worship music and is building a name as a singer-songwriter.

‘On the Zooms’ grabs your attention with the picked guitar opening. There is a soft alt-country feeling to the melody that meets a light folk vibe. The soft tones that hover over the guitar and fill the higher levels have a tenderness to them. As the drums roll in, the music gets a boost that moves your shoulders. The toe-tapping beat brings a new edge to the track that lightens the mood. While the melody seems to be rather stripped-back, there is a great movement to the arrangement as the layers of sound weave together. There are a few changes in the melody that enhance the emotional movement of the single.

Blair’s vocals pick up the country vibes of the melody as he calls out into the soundscape. His performance reaches out to you and embraces you with the sense that there is someone who sees you. The isolation we all felt during the height of the pandemic is woven into the lyrics but this is tempered with the knowledge that there is someone thinking about you. Many of the activities that filled our days have been picked up in the track only for his emotive performance wash through them and lift our spirit. It is a really touching single that fills you with the affection he held for the person he wrote the track for.

Brick Blair bring the isolation of the pandemic to the tender affection of loved ones thinking about you in the heart-warming ‘On the Zooms’. The melody is a wonderful mixture of country, folk and the lightest dusting of rock. Blair’s vocals are emotive and settle over you like a warm embrace after not seeing someone for a long time.

Find out more about Brick Blair on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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