Charis – Own It (2021)

Confidence is something that we can all have but that many of us struggle with. If you need a pep talk and boost to up your self-confidence, Charis has just that packed into her single ‘Own It’. A powerful electronic pop single, it fights against feelings of not being seen or loved for who you are. Woven into this fight is a reminder that we should all be proud of our stories and own who we really are.

A collaboration with Kedo Rebelle, the single comes with a masterful music video that brings the powerful message to engaging visuals. While this is Charis’ first foray into pop music, she brings an amazing power and freshness to the genre. Inspirational, impactful and so easy to dance around to, the single will have you feeling better about yourself and ready to embrace who you really are.

‘Own It’ crooks a finger and beckons you into the soundscape through the opening. The clicking tones bring this wonderfully seductive vibe to the track. The pulses of electronic tones that fill the melody tumble across your senses with a blinking lightness. It is a kaleidoscope of colours that come to life throughout the single and shine brighter on the chorus. These pulses of colour have a great dance vibe to them that has you bopping and wanting to dance around to the music. It is a really infectious melody that builds the foundations for the strength of the vocals.

As you step into the waves of lights that make up the melody, Charis enters with you and lays the scene for the track. She connects with listeners through the first verse before smiling at you and pumping confidence into your veins. There is such a bright and friendly feeling to this track that you can’t help but feel stronger after listening to it. As she encourages us to own our stories, she offers up a mantra that we can use at any time to get this boost. The mantra is woven into the chorus that you want to shout of for yourself and anyone you feel needs it.

Charis inspires and uplifts with the boost of confidence and addictive mantra woven into the upbeat dance vibes of ‘Own It’. The kaleidoscopic melody pulses with a subtle energy that bolsters the vocals. Through her performance, Charis fills you with confident energy that you just want to share with everyone you know.

Find out more about Charis on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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