Track of the Day: Selena Tibert – Where It’s Dark

Influenced by the likes of Laura Marling, Haley Heynderickx and The Staves, US-based singer-songwriter Selena Tibert shares a folk meets pop-inspired sound with the masses. While there is strong evidence of contemporary pop, Tibert drags us back to the folk scene of the 60s and 70s – yes, artists like Carol King, Uriah Heep and Janis Ian. Having entered the music scene only a year ago (give or take), the multi-instrumentalist still has many people to impress; however, she is certainly turning heads and gaining a loyal following. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Where It’s Dark’.

A collaborative effort with producer/musician Andrew Goldring, ‘Where It’s Dark’ is an intense, intimate and beautifully arranged song. Incorporating elements of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and interspersed piano, the track seems to explore the borderline between organic and synthetic. The soothing, almost raw arrangement draws you into a spine-chilling melody; however, it is Tibert’s ethereal vocals that enhance a sense of intoxicating breathlessness to the haunting single.

Unlike her single ‘Call Me Out’, Tibert adopts a softer, slower and more flowing sound in ‘Where It’s Dark’. Yet, while the complexity of the enchanting melody does ensnare your senses, it is the depth of the lyricism that truly connects with listeners. Tibert explains that this track is “about being with someone that makes you want to follow them anywhere and do anything to be around them even if it can be somewhat damaging or dark.” I suppose the message is clearly executed as Tibert has an indescribable hold over you as you traverse the poignancy of ‘Where It’s Dark’.

Mango Wave describes Selena Tibert as one who “…provides the audience with empowering narratives about getting along, not giving up, breaking out of rusty structures, and reflecting on one’s own decisions.” The sense of longing, fear and confusion definitely meets this description as we teeter on the line between sophisticated introspection and naïve wistfulness in her new song. A rising artist, Selena Tibert is one to watch!

For more from Selena Tibert check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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