Britta Pejic – Everytime/Forced Perspective (2020)

Are you looking for a psychedelic number that has a hint of country to it? Not a common combination, but one that Britta Pejic has been able to capture in her single ‘Everytime/Forced Perspective’. Using an explosion of psychedelic tones, she has you swirling to a double helix of sound before sliding into a country soundscape.

Taken from her second solo album, the single draws on a range of influences from Peter Gabriel to textural rock and pop. No newcomer to the music industry, Pejic infuses a feeling of Basque Country into her music while staying true to her own unique sounds. Creating a paradox of sound, her music is unique and quite unlike anything else out there.

‘Everytime/Forced Perspective’ hits you with an old-school vibe from the first moment. Pejic’s vocals enter with a haziness that throws you back to the height of psychedelic music. You can almost see the kaleidoscope of colours swirling around you as you listen to the song. Her vocals have a soaring feeling to them as she draws you into the twirling helix of the music. The music swings later in the single and the vocals follow for a more country edged performance. The movement of her vocals makes you think of two songs being combined into one.

The melody adds to the psychedelic haze of the vocals and bolsters the feeling of two songs melded together. There are moments when the melody is all psychedelia before it pounds with a rock guitar. When the melody swings in the latter half of the single, the flow of the music completely changes. The piano line creates a grounded feeling with a light touch of country. If you were not paying attention, you would think that you had moved onto a completely different song.

Britta Pejic inundates you with a psychedelic haze before dripping you into a piano-driven country landscape is the engaging ‘Everytime/Forced Perspective’. The duality of the single is something you don’t hear very often as you tilt from one style to another. The easy transition between the two styles showcases Pejic’s musicality while she keeps you engaged and moving to her flow.

Find out more about Britta Pejic on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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