James Bakian – Asleep (2020)

James Bakian is a young singer-songwriter who has been creating his own music since the age of 11. Over the years, he has independently released dozens of songs pouring emotions beyond his years into every track. His single ‘Asleep’ continues this emotional and heartfelt musical journey.

The song looks at the heavy subject of young people struggling with mental health issues. It works through feeling that there is no way out and that things will never get better. Through Bakian’s mature and confident musicality, it introduces what it feels like to lose the will to live.

‘Asleep’ draws you in with this deep melodic opening that gives way to a piano line. The melody remains piano-driven with this darker undertone. There are strings that bubble up from beneath the melodies surface that enhance the lyrics of the song. The emotional struggle of the lyrics is played out perfectly in the relatively simple melody. There are dark notes, but there is also this line through it that is lighter and makes you think that something good can come.

While the melody and lyrics complement each other, Bakian’s vocals are on a different level. There is a maturity to his performance that belies his age. You can also feel the struggle of the lyrics in each word as he modulates the depth of his voice. The depths of his performance adds to the imagery of drowning in dark emotions.

James Bakian showcases a depth and maturity beyond his years as he looks at struggling with mental health in ‘Asleep’. The minimalistic melody forms the foundation for his captivating vocal performance that hits all the right notes.

Find out more about James Bakian on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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