Britta Pejic – There’s a Letter (2020)

At some point, we have all felt shame whether we fully understand what we are ashamed of or not. The problem is that many people don’t notice when others feel shame because of how preoccupied we are with our lives. These feelings of shame have been taken by Britta Pejic and transformed into her single ‘There’s a Letter’.

Drawing on themes from epics like Coleridge’s ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and Hawthorne’s ‘Scarlet Letter’, she questions why we feel ashamed. Dropping some of the duality that formed her single ‘Everything/Forced Perspective’, she brings a bit more rock to the soundscape. Losing none of the engaging musicality of her style, she has you questioning not only what you feel but how those around you feel.

‘There’s a Letter’ has a touch of power-pop to the engaging guitars that open the track. There is a slightly retro vibe to the music that sweeps you up in the gentle waves and flows. There is an almost folky psychedelic feeling to the music but this has been twisted into a more rock-pop vibe. The piano dances through your ears while the beats tap you from one side of the soundscape to another. There is a really solid flow to the musical arrangement that enhances the movement of the vocals.

Pejic’s vocals continue the retro vibes of the music while adding this delightful airiness that has you swirling on the breeze of the melody. The harmonisations throughout the single add a poignancy to the lyrics that take you to an astral plane of higher understanding. From this vantage point, you are able to better consider everything the lyrics bring forth while really tapping into your own emotions. The lyrics have a very poetic vibe to them as they draw on imagery from the epic influences.

Britta Pejic has you floating on the astral plane while considering the imagery and emotions of ‘There’s a Letter’. Through the poetic flow of the lyrics and the harmonisations of the vocals, she has you considering shame and how those around you feel. With a sweeping melody, she places you on a swirling foundation that allows you to really reflect on not only your emotions but those around you.

Find out more about Britta Pejic on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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