Broke Casino – Tell Me (I Want You) (2021)

Melding the sounds of The Killers with Tame Impala and Foals, Broke Casino is a hard-hitting fivesome from Manchester, UK. In a city with such remarkable talent, it is easy to become lost in the music scene but this is not the case with Broke Casino. Selling out numerous headline shows and appearing at Dot To Dot Festival, Ralph McCarthy Schofield (vocals), Oliver Boon (lead guitar), Sam Wilks (rhythm guitar), Sean Savage (bass) and Joe Cowling (drums) are building a loyal following. Along with listener’s heads, the group is also grabbing the attention of the international press from Aah Magazine to Indie Music Center and RGM. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’.

The third single from Broke Casino, and the first of 2021, ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is a melting pot of genres. Showcasing the group’s eclecticism, the lads bring together a dance meets indie-rock style. Following the blues-influenced indie-rock track ‘Wedding’, ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ points out Broke Casino’s versatility and innovativeness. Combining pounding drums, dynamic guitars and gruff vocals, the new single has a daring cinematic ambience. Tossing you into a swirl of sound, Broke Casino seeps into your skin, reverberates in your brain and leaves you gasping for breath.

With heightened emotion, ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is a soul-stirring few minutes of music. Penned during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the track is an expression of frustration, uncertainty and need for release. Ralph McCarthy Schofield shares that “‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is the culmination of a year of lockdown, a smash and grab rock tune with dance anthem potential…it expresses a lust for freedom with no holds barred.” It is this personal narrative that enhances the intimate lyricism.

Intimate and sincere, there is a calm flow to the song; however, the upbeat nature adds a sense of pent-up emotion to the flowing track. Brutally honest, ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is a sonic representation of everything people have felt over the past year – frustration, aggression, anxiety, conflict and a longing for control. As I said, Broke Casino reverberates in your brain and leaves you gasping for breath. ‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is the punch in the face before reverbs and breathlessness.

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