MidSõlis – Spaniard’s Lament (2021)

Following a breakup and the heartbreak this creates, we all turn to different coping mechanisms. With ‘Spaniard’s Lament’, MidSõlis reflects on the coping mechanisms of the narrator and his attempt to move on from the heartbreak he feels. As we follow him down the path of coping, we become immersed in his understanding that the path he is on will not bring him happiness.

While this single is relatable to anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, there is an edge that sits in unrequited love. MidSõlis has adopted a new style and sound for this single expanding the diversity of his musical catalogue. The richness of his music allows him to traverse multiple genres with unbelievable success.

‘Spaniard’s Lament’ shimmers with a light tone before the jazzy tones sink their hooks into you. The tapping flow of the melody has you hopping into the soundscape before the instrumentation takes over. There is a wonderfully smoky feeling to the music that has you getting lost in the movement. It is a melody that is so wonderfully unique that you can’t help but smile. This reaction is a little at odds with the lyrics and the overall message of the track, but it is also something that you can’t really help.

MidSõlis’ vocals bring a whiskey tone to the melody that enhances the jazzy feeling of the song. You can easily imagine him playing this track in a smoky jazz bar. Through his vocals, you can feel the pain of the narrator and the understanding that he is spiralling. The lyrics are wonderfully descriptive in their storytelling that dip into the pain of the narrator and the terrible coping mechanism he has chosen. There are some easily recognisable motifs in the lyrics that most can latch onto. The single is so perfectly modern jazz that you can’t help but enjoy every note and the soaring horns that bring it to a close.

MidSõlis weaves jazzy tones around recognisable feelings and motifs while delving into bad coping mechanisms in ‘Spaniard’s Lament’. Every element of the track is perfectly executed and fills you with the simple joy of listening to an excellent single. The emotions of the track are somewhat dark but there is a touch of lightness in the knowledge of the dark path ahead.

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