Bukky Sky – Amazing (2021)

Bukky Sky is using his single ‘Amazing’ to ask us to look at our shadow side. Delving into the darker side of life, he considers relationships and when love is no longer a light and turns into self-interest. With a broody soundscape, the single brings a jazz-noir vibe to life while searching for authentic connects in a superficial world. Complete with a heartfelt confession, the single will have you considering the shadows in your life.

Working with producer Rob Flynn, Sky invites listeners to really meet themselves and understand the whole of a person. The first single off his debut EP, the track is a wonderful introduction to his sound that brings jazz together with alternative pop. The accompanying music video brings the vibes of the track to old school cinema visuals.

‘Amazing’ washes sultry jazzy vibes over you from the first lapping notes. Sky’s vocals weave over your ears and wrap around before insistently pulling you into the dark flows of the music. His vocals have a swaying flow to them that builds over the course of the track. The power of his voice comes into its own on the chorus as the music swells beneath his performance. From the second verse, there is a swing in the movement of the music and vocals as he sheds the sultry flows for a more pointed focus. The spoken-word confession that comes is poetry that sends shivers through you from the raw delivery and underlying emotions.

The movement and swings of the vocals are matched and bolstered by the music. The opening lines of the melody are all light touches of hazy jazz. The music carefully swells to the chorus for a light crash of instrumentation. The drums take over the melody for the second verse adding a bounce to the change on the vocals with some higher tones zinging through the background. The depth of the melody in the latter part of the single gives the spoken word vocals a heavier hit.

The music video brings noir vibes from the first visuals. There is an artful cinematic style to the music video that brings both the light and dark sides of life to the imagery. There is a very classy feeling to the visuals making you think of velvet and decadence. While there is this old-school decadence to the video, there is a modern edge to it. It is a wonderful music video that captures the essence of the emotions and message of the track through some seriously artful imagery.

Bukky Sky has us looking at the darker side of life and love in ‘Amazing’ to meet and accept who we are as human beings. The jazzy vibes of the single swell and twist before the heartfelt confession cuts through you and sends shivers through your soul. The music video is a cinematic marvel packed with dark noir imagery and modern twists to old-school styles.

Find out more about Bukky Sky on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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