Call In Dead – Patriarchy (2022)

I could write an elaborate biography of punk group Call In Dead telling you all about their beginnings and whatnot, but let’s keep it simple. Basically, the four-piece began as four gents playing hardcore punk to waste time, then it became real. Suddenly they were releasing material and touring before the lad from New Jersey left. A sad moment, but it led to the recruitment of one of the most awesome frontwoman in Florida. Simple.

Not necessarily considered old, the band members range from age 31 to 47 and describe themselves as “ageing punks”. Well, these ageing punks bring a diverse blend of different influences that is rather difficult to define. Not possible to pigeonhole their sound, I’d just refer to Call In Dead’s music as distinctive and inimitable. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Rock ‘N Load Mag, Rising Artists Music Blog, Soundsphere Magazine and many others, Call In Dead is gaining a loyal following. Actually, they already have a loyal following being voted as the ‘Best Punk Band in Orlando’ by Orlando Weekly readers.

Retaining the aggression we were introduced to with ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’, Call In Dead releases their hard-hitting single ‘Patriarchy’. Approximately one minute of screaming and shouting, the powerful vocal execution merges harmonically with its hardcore punk melody. People might not consider the distortion and pounding of punk to be harmonic but think about it. Several sonic strings to create a beautiful tapestry of sound need to fit together to make a beautiful picture. Call In Dead’s tapestry is a frenzied, fiery, forceful kaleidoscopic image that hits you right between the eyes…in a good way.

What I find intriguing about ‘Patriarchy’ is the mixture of tenderness and sincerity in a brutally raw, honest way. Written as a response to the Florida governor passing the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, ‘Patriarchy’ empowers the LGBTQ+ community with their pro-gay assault. From the first moment to the final drumbeat, Call In Dead ooze fiery emotion pumping the air full of liberal acceptance. The final line telling people to “fuck your gender norms” made the message of ‘Patriarchy’ palpable and, I’ll admit, it made me grin to hear such conviction.

Ultimately an assault on the senses (but one you’ll enjoy), Call In Dead slaps you in the face, punches you in the gut, and ends off by buying you a tequila.

In addition to their track, Call In Dead released an official video for ‘Patriarchy’. You can view the video below or on their YouTube Channel. Please note: the video uses strobes and lighting effects that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.


For more from Call In Dead check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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