Call in Dead – Fight of the Bumblebee (2021)

Sometimes you need a song that offers a positive message through an aggressive sound. This is exactly what Call in Dead offers with their single ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’. Bringing the best bits of hardcore, punk and metal together, they encourage listeners to take the road less travelled and live life by doing what everyone else isn’t.

This mix of positivity and hardcore styles comes from the passion of four veteran punk rockers. Bringing different experiences and musical styles together, they blend their past and present for a soundscape that makes you want to turn up the volume. With this song recorded live in the Danger Room, Orlando, it brings the passion of live music to the recording.

‘Fight of the Bumblebee’ hits the ground running with thrashing guitars and drums. The rising tones of the instrumentation are like the swarming of bees as they aggressively buzz around. The melody is a cacophony of metal and hardcore tones that makes you want to jump around and go crazy. You are going to want to turn up the volume so you can let loose to the music. While a relatively short single, the pace of the music leaves you feeling pumped by the end.

As the music thrashes through your senses, the vocals combine punk and screamo for a perfect listening experience. The aggression of the music is captured by the screaming vocals that pound their way into your chest. While aggressive, there is a lot of positivity woven into the vocals and lyrics. Through the vocals, you are called to the road less travelled while the band acknowledges feelings we all have of living a lie. While the melody has you turning up the volume, the vocals have you shouting out with them as you bounce around to the band’s sound.

Call in Dead mix aggressive sounds with positive messaging for the thrashing good time that is ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’. While a relatively short track, the energy of the band vibrates through you and makes you want to jump around. The vocals get you shouting out with them while making you want to take those less travelled paths of life.

Find out more about Call in Dead on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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