Cam Coda – Overflow (2021)

Through her single ‘Bitter in the End’, Cam Coda brought the light and dark emotions that follow the end of a relationship to sonic life. Now, she is delving into personal experiences with hypomania through the sounds of ‘Overflow’. Written during a time of hypomania, she unleashes the energy she feels in a way that is easy to relate to whether you have ever been in a similar state or not.

Offering a glimpse into one side of the bipolar spectrum, she gives us a hint of insight which makes it easier to understand those who suffer from bipolar and manic episodes. Shining like a beacon of light, the track combines electronic pop with dance and future bass for a moving melody. The honesty and authenticity of her vocals add something extra to a single that lets you know you are not alone in what you feel.

‘Overflow’ bubbles and pops into life with an interesting energy. The light tones that draw you into the track give way for a deep electronic push that pulses with lights and shoves you around the soundscape. This gives way to shivering electronic tones that thrum through your chest like a live wire. The electricity of the music shakes you up before dropping you into the undulating pulses of future bass. Through the music, you can feel the manic energy of the track which really fills every inch of your soul. There is no way to get around the sound which is a wonderful representation of the manic energy that comes on the bipolar spectrum.

While the music brings the energy of mania to the single, the vocals take it to the next level. The melodic flow that opens the track drops for a punchy verse. The lyrics beautifully detail the jittering energy Cam Coda felt at the time of writing the track. As the music brings the pulses of future bass, her voice gains a tender flow that is utterly beautiful. There is something about her vocal performance that sinks into your veins and shakes you from the inside out while flying out on the energy of the track.

Cam Coda brings the energy of mania to the pulses of future bass as she pushes you across the soundscape in ‘Overflow’. The music vibrates with energy like a live wire rushing electricity through your veins. Her vocals detail the thoughts and feelings of mania in a relatable way while letting you know that you are not alone in what you feel.

Find out more about Cam Coda on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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