Track of the Day: Linda – Ballad of Abigail

After almost a decade after leaving the music industry, Bulgaria-based singer-songwriter Linda is back with her unique sound. Already part of her strong following, The Other Side Reviews has featured Linda several times before reviewing various singles from ‘My Time’ to ‘Losing My Mind’. Yet, we are not the only ones to give her praise as she has been well-received by Rising Artist Blog, Roadie Music, Pop Fad Blog, Mango Wave and several online radio stations. One of the more recent additions to her discography is ‘Ballad of Abigail’.

Taken off her upcoming album, ‘Ballad of Abigail’ explores elements of living as a strong woman without being understood by others. All of the tracks from the album are “…inspired by airplanes and historical events” with this song sharing tales of the Night Witches. ‘Ballad of Abigail’ follows the tale of Abigail Williams from the Salem Witch Trials and explores the complexity of the case. Linda shares that “…I wanted to have this single as a monologue of strong, powerful women who can’t be stopped by anything in their way. The outside world might think they are nuts, but they never had the chance to explain what they really had in their mind. ‘Ballad of Abigail’ tries to give a platform, the opportunity to tell their stories as I see them.”

Executed as a monologue with a personal narrative, as is mentioned above, Linda connects with listeners on a deeper level. She pulls you into the world of Abigail and lays forth her tale in a sincere and sentimental way. The thing is while there is a light honesty to the charming lyricism, there is a melancholic nostalgia in its reflectiveness. Moreover, the charm of the single is enhanced by the simplistic melody combining acoustic piano and dynamic guitars. I fully appreciate the guitar crescendo midway through the song as a surge of sonic emotion – it fascinates me how Linda aligns Abigail’s story, feelings and sound.

Flowing and soothing, the melodic arrangement is quite interesting and not only in its evocative nature. The transition from a swirl of music grasping your soul to a basic acoustic outro not only increases the poignancy but makes it a heartfelt track. In this song, Linda shows her musicality and skill in expressing thoughts through music. I cannot wait for more from the innovative artist.

For more from Linda check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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