Capitansam – It Is What It Is (2021)

Life often throws us curveballs and we are faced with tough times that we think will never go away. At these times, Capitansam is here to help with his single ‘It Is What It Is’. The song acts as a reminder that we should live as we want to and understand that life will always throw us off course. At these times, it is best to remember that there is nothing you can do about this other than go with the flow.

While the single was written about his experience with complex PTSD and his journey to embracing life, the current world situation makes it more relevant to everyone. Fusing blues with big band arrangements and a touch of pop and rock, Capitansam brings a unique sound to your ears. After falling in love with the piano in his teenage years, he studied composition at Birmingham Conservatoire. Now he creates his own powerful arrangements and songs.

‘It Is What It Is’ hits you with a blast of funky tones that send you stumbling into the soundscape. The bluesy piano line catches you as you fall before the music swells to gently embrace you. The arrangement of the melody is amazing and brings the art of big band to a blues, funk and jazzy soundscape. The guitars soar in the background while the horns bring a warm arm hung over your shoulders. There are a lot of emotions that shine through the music from a bolstering sense of strength to an understanding of the troubles that you face.

The rich soundscape complements the vocals which are powerful as they call out over the soundscape. His voice draws you into the troubles that life throws at you before he powerfully thrusts you into a sea of strength. His performance matches the arrangement of the melody with his voice becoming another instrument adding to the texture of the song. If you don’t feel empowered and somewhat better at the end of the track, I don’t think you were listening to the same song.

Capitansam uses a big band arrangement, empowering lyrics and powerful vocals to let help you face the curveballs life throws at you in ‘It Is What It Is’. The track offers a rich textured melody that grips you tight while the vocals offer a sense of connection. Through all of this, you are embraced with warmth while a companionable arm is slung over your shoulders.

Find out more about Capitansam on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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