Carnival Kid – The Remains (2020)

As the years pass, even the strongest relationships and emotions can become a victim of time and circumstances. This is the basis of ‘The Remains’ by Carnival Kid, A Little Nothing and Jovernanté which touches on the current instability of the world and how deep emotions and relationships can be forgotten or left behind. Full of energetic guitars, passionate vocals and crashing drums, the single will have you thinking about all that has been left behind.

The song came about when Christian Stezycki, Mike Rucinski, Eric Busse and Tobias Schmitt got together again and started reminiscing about the old days. While reminiscing, they started recording some new music together and the single was born. It also marks the return to indie-rock for Jovernanté.

‘The Remains’ draws you in with a wonderfully easy opening. The drums lightly crash against your ears while the guitars softly wrap around you to pull you into the melody. Your head will start bopping to the drums as they remain throughout the single. The guitars build up to a light crescendo in the chorus and fill you with a pleasant energy. The guitar riffs flow over you without pounding too hard against your head.

The vocals are smooth and have a passionate delivery. There is a nostalgic feeling to the performance as the lyrics look at what has passed. However, there is a positive thread bolstered by the chorus and overall feel of the vocals. The crescendo of the melody matches this positive thread leaving you soaring on a wave of emotion.

Carnival Kid, A Little Nothing and Jovernanté are back with ‘The Remains’ looking at the victims of time in our lives. The easy energy of the melody fills you as you listen while the vocals call out with melodic passion.

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