Track of the Day: latenitexeno – just the way it is

Hailing from London, UK, latenitexeno is an innovative and eclectic individual melding elements of indie, lo-fi and pop in his music. The aim of this experimental artist is to break boundaries, fuse styles and defy all expectations. This is no more evident than in latenitexeno’s single ‘just the way it is’.

Collaborating with female vocalist Front Room Club and producer Triple$ix, multi-instrumentalist latenitexeno presents a smooth, steady and languid sound in ‘just the way it is’. Influenced by Oasis, Eric Clapton and The Smiths, he incorporates bluesy guitars with meaningful lyrics and an indie-rock undertone. While the instrumentation and lyricism are engaging, it is Front Room Club’s contribution that really pulls you into a swirling haze of music. The simplicity and wistfulness of her spoken vocals enhance the ambience and poignancy of the track. Overall, ‘just the way it is’ is moving, endearing and perfect just the way it is.

“With this song, I aimed to blend conventions of indie and lo-fi pop coupled with the soft spoken lyrics to bring this relatable idea of things being the way they are and sometimes we are powerless to change this…” – latenitexeno on ‘just the way it is’

For more from latenitexeno check out his Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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