Rossini – Heartbreaker (2020)

Rossini is indulging his creative side for a more lyrical production with his latest single ‘Heartbreaker’. Packed with powerful vocals, the single is tempered by brooding undertones for a larger than life single. Working with Jesse O’Brien, he fills your ears with a blended sound that pushes the boundaries of his previous releases.

Drawing on a musical history that started as a child playing the piano, Rossini looks to up his game. The son of a church choir composer, he has been surrounded by music his entire life and infuses his own songs with a rich history. The club pop beats of his music meld with a neo-soul base for a pleasurable listening experience.

‘Heartbreaker’ draws you in with a rather interesting opening. The pulsing tones bounce against your ears before the clapping beats get to you. The melody flows from pulsing tones to a hazy melodic vibe. The electronic-driven melody is catchy and engaging easily getting you into the vibe of the song. There is a wonderful pulse to the melody that matches the flow of the vocal performance.

Rossini’s vocals have a smooth flow when they enter. The faster pace of the chorus fills you with pulsing energy. The melodic flow on the verses slides against you, but there is a brooding tone bouncing in the lower levels of the performance. The hip-hop vibe that comes later showcases Rossini’s vocal versatility and adds a little something to the single.

Rossini has indulged his creative side for a more lyrical production in the catchy yet brooding ‘Heartbreaker’. The electronic-driven melody is captivating while the vocal performance showcases his versatility.

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