Cartinglee – Star/Dust (2021)

Light and dark can’t exist without the other just as problems can’t exist without the healing process. This balance of light and dark in emotions and the natural world forms the basis of ‘Star/Dust’ by Cartinglee. The first in a series of songs picking up the low dance between anxiety and healing, this single digs into the interconnectedness of human trauma and nature.

While exploring the concept of darkness and light, the series of songs also looks at the gathering storm of climate change and the impact that has on all of us. Rachelle Barr, the lady behind the music, invokes elements of fantasy for her solo musical project while moving from folk to indie pop vibes. Inspired by nature, her music offers a place of solace that is intimate yet far-reaching.

The piano that opens ‘Star/Dust’ brings the image of twinkling stars to mind and puts a little smile on your face. The tenderness of the music is touching as the higher piano notes form the soft patter of light rain. The piano line starts to swirl in the low levels and froths like a stream running over rocks and pulls you into its current. While there is the tender touch of nature to the sound of the melody, there is also a darker sense of something lurking below. This brings the first touches of the delicate dance between light and dark to the soundscape that twirls more and more as the single continues.

Cartinglee’s vocals dance over the light tones with wonderful folk flows. You can hear how powerful her voice is as she takes your hands and draws you into a rain-soaked dance. The lyrics are packed with natural imagery, but there is something resting deeper that is packed with emotion. Looking deeper into the lyrics, you can see the message of how interconnected humans and nature are. At times, her performance is a healing balm that soothes the rough edges of your spirit. This turns into an acknowledgement of pain and darker emotions. The movement is perfect as it highlights both light and dark sides of the song while helping you process the journey through both.

Cartinglee brings the delicate dance between light and dark to life with the tender twirling tones of ‘Star/Dust’. The music is a gentle flow that has a touch of darkness resting in the undertones. Her vocals are stunning as they draw you into a dance and walk you through both light and dark moments.

Find out more about Cartinglee on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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