Stephen James Orr – Losing Time (2021)

Stephen James Orr has taken us from balmy summers in ‘Within You’ to a confrontation with grief and loss in ‘Wake Up’. Now, he considers those people in life who try to steer you away from the things you are passionate about in ‘Losing Time’. While considering these people, he delves into the journey you have to undertake to find yourself again and set your own path through life.

Using suave instrumentation, he brings a splash of indie-rock to swirling synths for a rather funky soundscape. Featuring Michelle Challice on vocals and Maurie Kaufmann on drums, the single has you pushing past those who hold you back and fills you with the power to chase your dreams. His sixth single of 2021, the track also makes an appearance on his larger album which is set to be released this year.

‘Losing Time’ sidles up next to you through the opening with a swirl of suave instrumentation. The synths create a rich soundscape that the guitar peaks through. It is a really luxurious melody that gets a twang of funk. The guitar and synths twirl together to form a steady stream of sound before the guitar breaks away to shine. The riffs are wonderful and drop back into the synths for the verses. The rise and fall of that funky note is great and gets you into the overall flow of the music. It is a melody that you can easily vibe to while shimmying to the rhythm.

Challice’s vocals are stunning as she brings a light gauzy feeling to the higher levels of the track. While her vocals are like the glint of light off water, the opening lyrics touch on how some people hold you back and stop you from achieving your dreams. The chorus brings a further acknowledgement of this only to fill you with the strength to move on and stop losing time. The easy listening vibes of the single are rather addictive and you want to fall back into the rich cushioning of the track. The vocals and instrumentation come together so perfectly that you don’t even realise they are filling you with the strength to move on from the expectations of others.

Stephen James Orr helps us move on from those holding us back and shrug off their expectation in the rich and decadent sounds of ‘Losing Time’. The melody is a luxurious combination of guitars and synths that twirl with a splash of funk. Michelle Challice’s vocals glitter in the light of the track and enhance the richness of the single.

Find out more about Stephen James Orr on his Instagram and Spotify.

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