Cat Calabrese – Fever Dream (2021)

Cat Calabrese is showing a different side after the admonition of a toxic ex in her last single ‘Quicksand’. While keeping the upbeat vibes, her single ‘Fever Dream’ swings to the other side of the spectrum and considers the exhilaration of putting your heart in someone else’s hands. With cautious optimism, she unapologetically gives up her heart without a care for the future.

Packed with conviction and void of many of the cliches common to these types of songs, Calabrese combines subtle basslines with electric guitars and the piano. The single continues to get you moving to her rhythm while hitting you with a touch of nostalgia and serious summer vibes. Written as a song about love when the word itself is not enough, the single captures everything about giving your heart to someone without care.

‘Fever Dream’ opens with a spoken word line that turns into a more melodic vocal. Calabrese’s vocals slide with an almost RnB vibe that mixes with the pure pop of her music. As the song progresses, she opens up and lays her heart out for the person she loves. There is a really authentic and unapologetic feeling to her performance. Her voice slips and slides around you while beckoning you closer and filling you with a delightful openness. There is an edge of vocal dance to her performance that has you gently bouncing to the single.

While Calabrese’s vocals pull you close and open up to you, the melody resting below them is a dynamic dancing masterpiece. The beats have your shoulders shimmying before a dance vibe trickles in. This swings to a smoother more sultry pop vibe before you are hit with some serious dancefloor flows. The movement is amazing and packed with bright summer vibes that lift the messaging of the single.

Cat Calabrese has you bopping while unapologetically laying her heart on the line through the dynamic tones of ‘Fever Dream’. The textured melody moves from smooth flows to serious dance vibes. Calabrese’s vocals are honest, authentic and completely unapologetic.

Find out more about Cat Calabrese on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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