Flossy Jones – Poolside (2020)

Hailing from Brighton, Flossy Jones is a city girl who envisioned more to life than the melancholic monotony of being the big city underdog. Instead of drifting from bar to bar singing jazz to keep desire alive, she looked for something more. Channelling her fantasies, she has constructed a dark new reality full of sincere love, bittersweet happiness and authentic glamour.

Her latest single ‘Poolside’ is a track all about the other woman. It was written while remembering a summer spent under the palms waiting for someone to arrive. Blending different elements, she creates a track that feels like a classic but is excitingly modern.

‘Poolside’ opens with a cinematic flair through some epic instrumentation. This continues throughout the song but does not go too far. The melody has a familiar feel to it that sets you at ease and lets you enjoy the other elements of the song. While feeling familiar, the music also has a new edge to it that keeps you interested.

As the melody grabs you, Jones’ vocals enter with a smoothness that highlights her sultry tones. Her performance is alluring and draws you into the lyrics. There is a sadness to the lyrics and vocals of the track which highlight the anxiety of waiting for someone to come.

‘Poolside’ by Flossy Jones is a mixture of cinematic instrumentation and sultry vocals that create an alluring modern classic. The song has a classic feel with modern hints to it for an expansive experience.

Find out more about Flossy Jones on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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