The New Coast – Silhouette Boy (2020)

Pop-rock duo The New Coast from Kent, England, is back with their new single ‘Silhouette Boy’ which dropped on September 25th. The band consists of Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater.

The track starts with chanting of “we are who we are” and is quickly followed the band and the vocals kicking in. The vocalist sings about feelings that he has towards someone and it’s extremely heartfelt; he sings about waiting for a while for someone and he says that he wants to talk to them. The vocals are amazing, the music is very captivating and soothing. Along with a great drum beat and bassline, ‘Silhouette Boy’ has got a very catchy chorus. The guitar riffs are great and it has a very summer rock sound.

“‘Silhouette Boy’ came about lyrically a while ago. It’s about this relationship I had and from start to finish it felt very toxic. Never knowing where my head was at and always wanting to fade away… It’s mad because this song originally started out as a slow, downbeat, acoustic track, but Chris turned to me one day and was like ‘this sounds like it needs to have something heavier behind it…the words and subject are heavy and heartbreaking, so let’s add to that.’ Then came the big drums and hard bass sound and now it’s like ‘why was that ever an acoustic song?” – Nick Blyth on ‘Silhouette Boy’

For more from The New Coast, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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