CATALYSTS – Sylvia (2021)

Coming together with diverse influences, members of Kennedy Soundtrack, Panz Agenda and Under Crimson Skies form a unique quartet called CATALYSTS. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, YMX and several online playlists, the South Wales-based group are sharing their eclectic sound on an international scale. A rather new act, despite the members being experienced musicians, CATALYSTS is young but definitely boundary-breaking. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Sylvia’.

Following their fast-paced, punk-influenced single ‘Ultimate Warrior III’, CATALYSTS continues with their hard-hitting swirls of music. Definitely a more “rock” song than the previous releases, the group showcase their ability to combine punk, alt-rock, emo and even electronica in this new track. Powerful and dynamic, the pounding drums effortlessly fuse with crashing guitars forming a foundation for a loud rock experience. Yet, it is the incorporation of the vocals that add the extra cherry on the top.

Touching on toxic relationships and their consequences, David Challenger executes heart-wrenching vocals with his gruff vocals. The force of these brash tones enhances the poignant grittiness of the concept. Yet, while there is a brashness and bluntness to the lyricism, it is filled with brutal truths which are genuine and sincere. Finding the delicate balance between fragility and sentimentality, CATALYSTS expose the inner workings of a human heart (I’m talking emotion here) in the provocative ‘Sylvia’.

In addition to their single, CATALYSTS released an official music video for ‘Sylvia’. Capturing their anthemic alternative rock sound, the music video is a visual representation of dealing with a toxic relationship. While the band performance on the beach is outstanding, it is the black and white images of Sylvia that I find moving. The texture, colour and events display a vulnerability in the character brought on by an inner turmoil. Walking through the seawater, she contemplates the volatility of life and the serenity of nature trying to find an understanding in the middle – or that’s just me overanalysing things again. Either way, it’s an amazing video that you need to watch!

For more from CATALYSTS check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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