Charlotte Lansman – Water (2020)

The mayhem of life can make you want to run far, far away. This is something that Charlotte Lansman has experienced and shares in her new single ‘Water’. Inspired by the moment when she woke up to find her boyfriend had left her, she considers the ability to escape the feelings moments like this can cause. For Lansman, escape came in the form of a walk through the country and connecting with water.

While based on personal experience, the jazz-infused single focuses on the relatable journey of finding strength within. She takes you through sitting outside the chaos caused by life and finding the ability to conquer it.

The opening of ‘Water’ has this groovy vibe to it that is all jazz. The deep drum has a sultry feeling that smoothly wraps around you. There are piano notes that twinkle into the melody and create this light layer like ripples on water. As the song progresses, the melody picks up power to match Lansman’s vocals. The horns come into their own for the chorus, but each element of the melody works together without any overpowering another.

As the melody sets you in a jazz bubble, Lansman’s vocals wisp against your ears like smoke. Her vocals draw you into the lyrics that have this poetic edge to them. They are also relatable as they take you on a journey of escapism from the pressures of the world. As you listen, you will want to get out to the water and watch the sun glint off it.

‘Water’ is a jazz fest full of soft grooving rhythms and smoky vocals by Charlotte Lansman. The song helps you escape the claustrophobia of major moments and find the strength to conquer your negative emotions.

Find out more about Charlotte Lansman on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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