Gabby Wilson – Hug It Out (2020)

Swedish singer-songwriter Gabby Wilson is raising the bar on Scandinavian pop. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Wilson uses her vulnerability as a strength which is highlighted in her debut single. ‘Hug It Out’ is her sparkling debut that pushes the boundaries of her genre.

The song was inspired by her finding herself in a relationship that was hanging on by a thread. The sense that something was missing in the relationship is artfully displayed in the colourful hooks and highs of the song. It also shows that everything sweet has a bitter side to it.

‘Hug It Out’ uses an infectious beat to get you into the vibe. There is something bubbling to the melody which also has a slight heaviness to it. The deep pop beat makes you want to move to the rhythm of the song, but there is something lurking beneath the surface. This is the vulnerability of the song that is hiding in the cracks of the colourful and light melody.

As the melody forms a wonderful pop explosion, Wilson’s vocals sparkle against your senses. Her performance is easy to get involved in and will draw you into the highs and lows of the lyrics. There is something about her performance that is honest in a way pop music often lacks. When linked with the lyrics of the track, this honesty produces a relatable experience that you can’t help but enjoy listening to.

Gabby Wilson pushes the boundaries with her infectious yet vulnerable track ‘Hug It Out’. Using engaging pop melodies and a hint of vulnerability, she keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Find out more about Gabby Wilson on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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