Catherine Sunday – Champagne (2020)

If you need to move on and learn to love yourself, Catherine Sunday has the soundtrack for your day. Her single ‘Champagne’ uses a balance of experimental and commercial pop to encourage you to let go and accept yourself. Through the single, she works through this process and leaves you feeling a sense of self-acceptance.

Sunday has been writing her own songs since the age of 10 and only honed this talent over the years. In 2010, she started studying at the British Institute of Modern Music and released her debut single in 2019. Developing her sound, she pushes the boundaries with each release while maintaining a connection with listeners.

‘Champagne’ uses warping and bubbling synths to grab your attention. The melody has a great modern pop feeling to it as you are taken on a ride along the rise and fall of the synths. There is an increase in the pace of the melody that pounds through you and makes you move to the rhythm. The melody has a good vibe that you can relax into and allow to flow over you. The beats that come and go form the rises in the melody that really get you into the soundscape.

Sunday’s vocals are a light playful layer over the melody. Her performance is engaging as she talks about moving on from a relationship and learning to love herself. There is a thread of reflection in the lyrics, but this is eclipsed by the forward momentum. Through her performance, you are propelled into a brighter future where you are happy with yourself and free from the past.

Catherine Sunday creates the soundtrack for moving on and learning to love yourself with her single ‘Champagne’. The bubbling melody sets the good vibes of the single while Sunday’s vocals propel you into self-love.

Find out more about Catherine Sunday on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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