Catholic Action – Celebrated By Strangers (2020)

Image by Gemma Dagger

Catholic Action is a Scottish indie band from Glasgow. Their album Celebrated By Strangers is out 27th March 2020. The band consists of four men from led by 23-year-old songwriter and producer, Chris McCrory, the other members are Ryan Clark, Jamie Dubber, Andrew Macpherson. The band have a classic pop sound along with art-rock sensibilities and glammed up melodic guitar playing, making a sound utterly their own.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Grange Hell’ which has awesome guitar riffs and drum beat. The vocals kick in and they’re great. It has a very catchy sound throughout with a strong bassline and the lyrics are catchy. The track ‘Witness’ is a very catchy song from the very beginning. The beat is captivating and the vocals are absolutely amazing. The track ‘I’m No Artist’ begins with eerie guitar riffs. It has a very 80s sound to it which is fun to listen to.

The track ‘One Of Us’ starts with a deep bassline and sounds great. It is reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand and is very catchy. The track ‘Yr Old Dad’ has another great deep bassline from the very beginning. The vocals are fantastic, the beat is captivating and the riffs are amazing. The track ‘And It Shows’ has a very gentle sound and is a very slow heartfelt song. It seems to be about being lonely and spending days and evenings on your own.

The track ‘People Don’t Protest Enough’ demonstrates the 80s feel. It is very energetic and upbeat. ‘Another Name For Loneliness’ has another great beat with little jingling sounds in the background.

Overall, the album is enjoyable with both soft and hard rock feels. The 80s sound placed here and there sets Celebrated By Strangers apart from other albums. The album is out 27th of March and, in my opinion, is worth picking up a copy.

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