Lee Trent – Optimism (2022)

Finding that special someone is an elating feeling that often eclipses everything else in life. This elation forms the basis of Lee Trent’s latest single ‘Optimism’. The more electronic soundscape is a divergence from his usual tone, but shines the light on the emotions of the track. While inundating your senses with bliss, he also considers the striking feeling of meeting someone special for the first time and living in the presence of their love.

Inspired by The Weeknd, Trent created this single after an epiphany about writing a great pop song. Drawing on skills he honed in his hometown and tested in Nashville, he brings organic warmth to electronic tones. These skills saw Trent working as a session musician and arranger, before he released his debut EP and a string of musically diverse singles.

The light cascade of golden tones that opens ‘Optimism’ fills your chest with a blissful feeling. The lightness of the music creates a golden light that inundates your senses and has you feeling weightless. The floating lightness gives way to a shuffle of tones that offers a brighter jubilant energy. The music is packed with feelings of elation and happiness that perfectly captures the feeling of being around someone you love. As the single continues, the shuffling tones ride on the back of reaching guitars, that tug the corners of your mouth into a slight smile. There is an electronic touch to the music, but the organic warmth emanates from it, leaving you feeling comfortable and happy.

Through the light opening, Trent’s vocals pull you into the search for someone special, with an understanding that he had been looking in the wrong places. This opening verse balances on the fence and could tilt into melancholy. When the music changes, you know that there was a happy resolution to his search. His voice has a sighing quality that is utterly blissed out, as if he can’t believe he has been so lucky as to experience the happiness he does. Through all of this, there is a steadiness to his performance that holds your hand through the movement of the melody. It is a delightful single that warms you from the inside and just has you feeling happy regardless of how you felt when you started listening.

After drawing you in with cascading golden light, Lee Trent warms you from the inside with feelings of happiness and love through ‘Optimism’. The melody has an electronic touch that is soothed by the organic warmth woven into each note. His vocals sigh with happiness, while holding your hand, as you make your way down the song.

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