Weekend Debt – Legato (2020)

Weekend Debt is a Scottish indie-rock band formed in 2016. Still in their younger years, they released an EP, as well as a plethora of successful songs. Now, in the wake of a new decade, they have released a new gem titled ‘Legato’.

A legato is defined as a “smooth and flowing manner without breaks between notes” which I think lies at the core of the entire song. From beginning to end, the same tune is played throughout with changes made that complement the base track. Although their version is not a typical legato, Weekend Debt has taken that phrase and put a modern twist to it.

Straight off the bat, we are faced with heavy guitar strums that dissolve into one another and lead up to the rest of the song. The song is able to embody the concept of a legato whilst still maintaining its rock label. The tune is played in a way that I’ve never heard before – methodic whilst also being reckless.

Like the rest of their songs, the lyrics have a strong Scottish accent laced throughout the entirety which I think adds to the atmosphere of the song giving it a cutting edge/rock feel. The lyrics have a level of simplicity to them that takes the backseat to the heavy instrumental sounds. My favourite part of the song comes at the end during the bridge. When the song becomes softer before leading into the big finish that sees the lead singer amping up his sound and marking his territory.

This is an unreal song, written and recorded by a wildly talented band. I can’t wait to see what else Weekend Debt has in store for us. They have definitely claimed themselves a new fan in me!

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