Cave Suns – Sloop John Dee (2021)

With almost a decade of experience in the music industry, UK-based foursome Cave Suns bring haziness of 70s stoner-rock to 2021 with strong psychedelic undertones. While influenced by artists like the Grateful Dead and Dead Meadows, the intimacy of their music hails to a merging of The Doors, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Born in 2012, the stoner-rock group has a reputation for enchanting melodies among a loyal global following. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘Sloop John Dee’.

Part of Cave Suns live EP Surt Skum, ‘Sloop John Dee’ is an improvised instrumental single recorded during cover rehearsals by the group throughout 2020. Intricately weaving strong afrobeat tones with a heavy melodic metal meets hard rock, Cave Suns build a mesmerising cascade of sound. Grabbing one by the wrist, ‘Sloop John Dee’ creates a wistful ambience in which one dips and rises through the crescendos and diminuendos.

Not one for instrumental tracks, I often pass over those live versions of a song; however, I am so glad I stumbled across ‘Sloop John Dee’. Described by the band as a “live enjoyment of friendship and reaching crescendos in the music”, the single has a well-textured feel enhancing every element of the dynamic instrumentation. Soothing, flowing and enchanting, Cave Suns create a kaleidoscopic soundscape with their breath-taking music. It’s as if we are all swaying and twirling about a campfire celebrating life, love and an engrossing otherworldliness.

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