Caxiel – No Love (2019)

Breakups can be hard but they are always worse when the relationship coming to an end is a long-term one. When Caxiel went through one of these breakups, he took his emotions and turned them into his single ‘No Love’. Through the moving tones of the single, he captures the emotions that most people have felt when going through a breakup while leading you to a sense of resolution.

Drawing on the influence of highly stylised artists, he has you moving to his paced tones while inundated with emotions. While a Latin artist, Caxiel makes music that is quite different from what you might expect bringing his creativity and control as a performer and dancer to the sound. Writing, recording and producing his own music, he shows that he has a lot more to offer than some might assume.

‘No Love’ is all rich tones in the opening that draw you into a slightly dreamy soundscape. From the low levels, beats rise that have an edge of dance to them that wraps around the pop sensibilities of the higher levels. There is a delicate interplay of dance tones and pop stylings in the melody. This interplay leads to a merging of elements for a luxurious melody that has some delightful horns that creep out of nowhere only to disappear into the ether. There is a rather decadent feeling to the music which is a little at odds with the topic of the track.

Caxiel’s vocals continue the rich tones of the melody through his smooth performance. There is a regretful vibe to his voice in the opening verse but this moves to the emotional hit of a breakup on the chorus. As the song progresses, his performance turns to a vocal dance style that has you moving to it. While filled with the pain of a breakup, his performance is as luxurious and decadent as the melody.

Caxiel uses a luxurious and decadent melody to capture you before filling you with the pain of heartbreak in ‘No Love’. Every element of the track brings richness to the soundscape from the flows of the melody to the smoothness of his vocals. This creates a satin wrapped single that rests on a bed of pain and heartbreak.

Find out more about Caxiel on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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