Howlite – Not Here (2020)

The dynamic and striking sound of ‘Stranger’ got us hooked to Howlite. Now we are able to indulge in their EP Not Here which features their last releases. Building on the ethereal sounds their last releases have introduced to listeners, the EP is a treat for the ears.

Filled with brooding tones and rolling beats, each song will enthral you further. Combining choral lines with haunting sounds, they take you on an interesting sonic journey through their music. This journey takes you through the balance of relationships to teenage rebelling and more.

The EP starts with ‘Stranger’ which hits you with harmonic vocals from the first moment. There is a great vibe that draws you into the song before vocalist Alison Thom’s voice wraps around you. There is an almost hymnal vibe to the song with a hint of soul. The flow has you floating to the tones while the boiling beats roll through your subconscious. As an opening song, this track gets you firmly stuck in Howlite’s soundscape and forces you to listen to the rest of the album.

‘Canary’ hits you with the more ethereal vibes of the band’s sound. There is a light melody that swirls below Thom’s powerful vocals. There is a great melodic layering to this song that has you completely captivated. The lyrics explore the balance of relations and the idea of disconnections between people. This perfectly melds with the delicate vocals and soaring harmonies.

Thom’s vocals draw you into ‘Infancy’ with this light tone that is almost like a mist. The pulsing beats have this wonderfully infectious energy as they grab your attention only to meld with the rest of the music. The flow of this song has a darkness to it, but there is also something soft about it. The movements of the melody has you twirling to the sound as it swirls around your head.

‘Reducer’ takes you in a different direction with more pop to the melody. There is a softness to the track that works perfectly with the deeper vocal performance at the start. This turns into a pillowy flow as the flow of the vocals rises yet retains the softness. There is a rolling beat beneath the vocals that propel you through the soundscape. There is something about this song that you are able to get lost in. As you lean back into the sound, you are filled with this bubble of emotion.


The dark and brooding vibes are high in ‘Olympia’. The melody has this dark depth that draws you deeper and deeper into the soundscape. The higher levels of the music also carry this brooding energy. Thom’s vocals have a smoky darkness like they are coming from the depths of the shadows. The vocals and melody combine for a brooding swirling sonic experience that blankets you in heavy velvet tones.

The EP ends with ‘Blood Type’ which has a lighter almost plucky opening. The notes seem to playfully lead you into the song while Thom’s vocals hold you closer to the ground. This playfulness takes on a somewhat darker edge as the song progresses. You are left feeling like you are in a playground in the dark. There is a great dynamic flow to the melody that melds playful tones with brooding sounds and a sense of tension.

Howlite captivates you with a soundscape that is brooding, ethereal and dynamic in the EP Not Here. Each track has a distinct flow and fills you with emotions as the vocals soar into the stratosphere and the melodies draw you further into the depths.

Find out more about Howlite on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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