Third Lung – Hold the Line (2021)

Third Lung is gracing our presence again with their single ‘Hold the Line’. With their last three singles, they had us utterly hooked to their sound and that does not seem to be letting up any time soon. With this release, the band encourages listeners to move past individualism and celebrate the potential in others.

With the offering of a helping hand, the quartet pulls everyone to higher ground to embrace everything that can be achieved when we work together. A rather empowering and motivating single, it offers a modern hymn of hope to everyone who needs it. With the blast of rock that they are becoming known for, the band will have you looking at the world in a new way.

‘Hold the Line’ has a rather easy vibe to the opening with layers of guitars. The music has your mind soaring into the soundscape before the vocals make an appearance. There is a gentle forward momentum to the melody on the verses before you are pushed on the chorus. When the music crests on the melody, there is an epic soaring as the instrumentation form a gust of wind driving you higher. This drops for a building on the next verse which is really too delightful for its own good.

Farrelly’s vocals are companionable and hook you like a friend talking to you from the first moment. There is something about the performance that makes you feel like he has slung an arm around you and encouraging you on a personal level. The rise of the melody leading to the chorus perfectly matches the encouragement of the vocals. The band leads you to a feeling of being able to conquer any problem if we do it together. The lyrics are worth a good listen to as they fill you with strength and dash all the doubts you might have. The power of the single is truly anthemic and fills you with so much hope.

Third Lung continues to captivate and amaze with their single ‘Hold the Line’. While calling for us to work together, they fill you with hope through the anthemic movement of the music. By the end of the track, you will feel your heart bursting with positive energy and know that you can take on anything the world has to throw at you.

Find out more about Third Lung on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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