Simple Sessions – Sing To The Moon (2020)

Simple Sessions is a collection of musicians based in and around Leeds. The core band consists of Anna Hattam (vocals), Alex Hogg (guitar), Jon Melville (keys, saxophone), Richard Hammond (bass) and Steve Hanley (drums) but expands and reduces as needed. All artists have worked in the music industry for years and performed in a variety of touring bands.

The band’s cover of ‘Sing to the Moon’ by Laura Mvula is one of their most recent releases. The song talks about someone who is in a dark place with their mental health but trying to look forward with optimism. The cover is a reduction of the original full orchestra to a simple piano and vocal version.

‘Sing to the Moon’ sets the tone of the track from the first piano notes. While the original had a full orchestra, the stripped back piano version is absolutely beautiful. The piano has a haunting tone to it that gently surrounds your senses.

Hattam’s vocals are smooth and silky over the piano adding to the exquisite sonic experience. The bare bone rendition is enhanced by her vocal power and control that slices through your senses. Having only the vocals and piano allows you to connect with the song in a very different way to the original.

Simple Sessions strips back ‘Sing to the Moon’ for a sonic experience that gently washes over you. While simple, the piano and vocal performance is beautiful and adds a new dimension to the track. It is a cover that will stay with you long after it has ended.

Find out more about Simple Sessions on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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