Charlotte Hall – Squeeze (2021)

If Amy Lee were to have a child with Sheryl Crow, the chances are Charlotte Hall would be it. With her spine-chilling vocals and moving melodies Hall has gained a reputation for obscurity, intensity and intimacy. We have sung her praises several times before from ‘The Wolves’ (read our review here) to ‘I Feel Alive’ (read our review here), so we are exceptionally pleased to have a gander at her latest track ‘Squeeze’. Come on with us as we dive in.

Following her well-received single ‘I Feel Alive’, Hall collaborates with Tom Orrell on the contemporary pop-influenced ‘Squeeze’. Unlike her previous tracks with a softer, smoother melody, ‘Squeeze’ is far more jovial, upbeat and buoyant with catchy choruses. Somewhere between Blondie and Lady Gaga, there is a light-hearted bounciness prompting a lot of grinning, dancing and twirling about from listeners. It is as if we are being tossed into a bright pink sonic bubble filled with a kaleidoscopic haze and sweet, sugary perfume. Simply put: ‘Squeeze’ is absolute bliss.

Alright, moving on from the chirpy melody, we turn to another signature element of Hall’s songs – her poetic lyricism and vocal execution. Combining synths, electronic drumbeats and dynamic guitars she builds the foundation for colourful goodness; however, it is the lyrics that prompt the song’s infectious nature. Hall shares that ‘Squeeze’ is “a song celebrating sexual liberation and being able to lose yourself in others. People shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves and enjoy intimacy no matter what…” Using this insightfulness within a bopping tune, it’s easy to say that ‘Squeeze’ is full of joyful energy, optimism and empowerment.

The first of five tracks with Tom Orrell, ‘Squeeze’ has been described as uplifting, entrancing and relaxing by several notable blogs. I’m not so sure about a languid relaxation, but there is definitely a release of tension when you blast ‘Squeeze’ through the speakers. What I find most intriguing about this track is the incorporation of spoken words – something Hall has not done before in any of her singles. This simple, um, thing seems to add another personal dimension to the song showing Hall’s vulnerability, relatability and humanity without being melancholic. Hall is unmistakably the perfect role model for any person facing sexual oppression, isolation, frustration, or just looking for a good time without any judgement.

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