Carina T – The End (2021)

Many people face times when they feel they are imprisoned in a state of inaction. When these situations arise differs for everyone, but it is something universal that Carina T has picked up for her single ‘The End’. Through the track, she considers the inaction and denial of these states that slowly destroy you until your inner turmoil lets you know you have to make a decision about what to do.

While there is a clear message to the single, it packs enough ambiguity to make it easy for everyone to connect to. The free interpretation of the situation in the single has been wonderfully handled with a mixture of indie pop and sincerity. The accompanying music video adds a sense of dignity to the difficult decisions that people in these situations often have to make.

The soft piano notes that open ‘The End’ is beautiful and gentle. Beneath them is a deep beat that falls away for the piano line to take over and direct the melody. The lightness of the music is like the thoughts of good times that keep you in the situation and feeling that moving on is not really something that has to happen. From the depths, the deep beats rise like the darker tendrils of the moment that start to cause internal turmoil. When these lines come together, there is a poignant feeling to them as the denial and veil of the moment is lifted. It is a really powerful melody that fills your chest with the turbulent emotions felt at the moment of the single.

As the power of the melody washes through your senses, the vocals are packed with the thoughts that flitter through your mind. The story of the lyrics play out like a movie but there is such a relatable feeling to them that you easily sink into the situation like you are living it yourself. Through her performance, Carina T takes you on a journey of realisation and the need to take action. There is a subtle strength resting in her performance that is just waiting for you to grab onto it. The pure emotions of the track send shivers racing down your body while she squeezes your heart.

Carina T reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart as she brings powerful emotions and thoughts to ‘The End’. The melody is delicate with a rising darkness that churns the inner turmoil felt when stuck in a situation of inaction and denial. The lyrics play out like a movie packed with powerful emotions that shine through the vocal performance.

Find out more about Carina T on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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