Natalie Grace – Ask You One Thing (2020)

There are many artists who have drawn on heartbreak and broken relationships for inspiration. Some of the songs they create look at the emotions of a breakup while others consider what happens when both parties move on. ‘Ask You One Thing’ by Natalie Grace is one of the latter and draws on her personal experience of finding out her ex was seeing someone she felt threatened by during their relationship. Filling the song with emotions, she takes you through everything she felt at the time.

She uses her debut single as an introduction to her sound and a glimpse at her emotional range. Through this song, she lets us know that she will not hold back and showcases the power of her vocals. It is a compelling introduction that leaves you wondering what else she has in store for us.

‘Ask You One Thing’ introduces you to Grace’s soulful vocals from almost the first moment. She hits you with her sultry performance after a sample of your call not being able to connect. As her voice slides against your ears, you are drawn into the story of the lyrics. Even if you have never been in the same position, you can easily fall into the emotions that are packed into the song. Grace’s performance hits you with feeling hurt and betrayed only for this to turn into anger and a thirst for retaliation.

Bolstering the powerful and soulful vocals is the contemporary soul melody. There are deep notes and clicking tones that make you sway to them. The smoothness of the melody is the perfect platform for the vocals and works so well with the messaging of the track. Throughout the song, the melody matches the emotions of the vocals while introducing a swirling mass of darker feelings.

Natalie Grace takes you through the hurt, betrayal and anger you might feel after a relationship in ‘Ask You One Thing’. Her powerful vocals have a sultry and soulful tone as she works through seeing an ex with someone she felt threatened by during the relationship. The melody has a darkness to it, but it is also a smooth platform for her performance.

Find out more about Natalie Grace on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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