Ethan Senger – I’m Fine (2021)

Ethan Senger introduced us to his warm vocals and captivating guitar lines with ‘One Night’. Through his single ‘I’m Fine’, he is offering a new take on a familiar subject. A catchy chorus and impactful lyrics consider the longing for more time with a lost love. While diving into this rather bittersweet topic, he continues to surround listeners in warm vocals and cinematic instrumentation.

Packing a range of emotions into the track, he pushes a message that is moving and relatable. Melancholic, hopeful, lost and yearning are just some of the emotions that will threaten to overtake you as you listen to the track. This fresh take on the subject also brings a unique soundscape that blends tones for a completely new approach to a familiar refrain.

‘I’m Fine’ opens with a soft tone that gently draws you into the single. The guitar lightly plucks against your ears while the beats softly roll through your veins. Woven between these lines is an almost ambient haze that softens everything. The tenderness of the melody is touching and easily pulls you into the gentle rise and fall of the emotions of the track. Each melodic element brings a new touch of emotion to the soundscape which is utterly wonderful to listen to. There is a richness in the music that slowly creeps up on you and pulls you back into it before you know what has happened.

Lightly tapping along the melody are Senger’s vocals that twirl the insightful lyrics around you like a warm blanket. His voice is packed with a yearning pain in the opening line that tugs at your heartstrings. This leads you to the rise of his vocals on the chorus which brings a hopeful touch to the soundscape. Through the lyrics, you are taken from the pain of loss to the potential of what can be if you had a little more time. While there is a feeling of hope, it is rather bittersweet as it is tempered with the knowledge that the love has already been lost.

Ethan Senger fills you with a powerful touch of bittersweet emotions as he dips into the rich soundscape of ‘I’m Fine’. There is a pained longing woven into the single that is tempered with a tentative hope. This is felt through the vocals and melody but dampened by the understanding that this can never be.

Find out more about Ethan Senger on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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