BlackSheepLad – Zombie Romance (2021)

Late-night TV binges can bring a lot of strange ideas and BlackSheepLad has run with one of these ideas. In the quirky ‘Zombie Romance’, he considers what response people would have if the love of their life were to become a zombie. Amusing, quirky and moving, the single touches on everything from love to mortality in an extremely engaging way.

Phil Mellen, the man behind the moniker, became inspired while ill with Covid and watching The Walking Dead late at night. Combining this with his love for quicky indie-folk, his creative juices produced this single which he plays all the instruments on. If you are in the mood for music that is a little off-centre and quite different to what you usually get, this is the single for you.

‘Zombie Romance’ opens with a fun folk vibe from the strummed guitar. There is a relatively simple flow to the music but this actually enhances the storytelling vibe of the vocals. The twinkling tones that glitter across the soundscape at times bolster the light feeling of the music. There is a gentle swell of tones in the low levels of the track that adds richness to the music. Every element of the music adds a little something to the delightful dance of the song.

While the music has a wonderful arrangement, the real quirky glory of the track comes with Mellen’s vocals. His performance has a rather conversational vibe to it as though he is telling you something that you should already know. The lyrics are a strange tale into a zombie apocalypse that is weirdly relatable and all too easy to imagine. This turns into how a romance would continue when one person is a zombie. His performance brings a strange sweetness to your soul as you dance around the devotion to another threaded into the single.

BlackSheepLad leaves you strangely touched by the devotion and sweet vibes woven into the weird and quirky ‘Zombie Romance’. The steady folk soundscape is a wonderful foundation for the matter of fact vocals. Through the conversational tones, he paints a story of loving a zombie that is engaging, heartwarming and a lot of fun.

Find out more about BlackSheepLad on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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