Chavis Chance – Call Me (2020)

Is unconditional love truly unending or are there limits that people can be pushed to? This is what Chavis Chance explores in his new single ‘Call Me’ while telling a lost friend that he is there with a shoulder to cry on. Using his unique mixture of folk, rock and soul, Chance brings back the storytelling lyrics of songwriters gone by in this biting ballad. Touching on topics such as friendship, depression and the unending sorry of loving an addict he wraps it all up in a somewhat cynical message of love and hope.

Bringing his old soul to life with new music, Chance embodies the spirit of a by-gone era. This spirit infuses modern pop songs to create something altogether different. Moving forward while looking back, he has a timeless quality to his music that makes it easy to connect with and stand out in an ocean of songs.

The guitar-driven opening of ‘Call Me’ sets the somewhat melancholic tone of the song. This leads to Chance’s dulcet tones that soar with this pain and reassurance that is amazing to hear. There is an interesting play of emotion in his performance as he reassures you that he is there, but there is an undertone of sorrow to his voice. This swing of emotion is compounded by the melody.

At times, the melody is soft and warm as it makes you feel that everything can get better. This turns into something larger that gives you more hope before you drop down into sorrowful notes. The arrangement of this track is unbelievable as it leaves you feeling a myriad of emotions.

Chavis Chance makes you feel a multitude of emotions in his bittersweet ballad ‘Call Me’. He delves into the depths of sorrow before raising your hopes and providing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. His vocals skillfully take you through these emotions while the melody pushes you along as he leads.

Find out more about Chavis Chance on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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