Chay Snowdon – Loud Shirts (2021)

A real melting pot of genres and influences, Chay Snowdon has a penchant for genre-defying indie-rock. Based in the South West region of England, the foursome has gained a reputation for energetic performances, powerful melodies and retro vibes. Featured on numerous online radio stations (including BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing, Planet Rock, Hoxton Radio and Amazing), the group is getting international airplay. By splashing their faces across notable blogs (including RGM, Rock Era, Its All Indie and Indie Buddie), Chay and his lads are sharing their sound with listeners across the globe.

Having followed Chay Snowdon for several years, I truly thought I had an idea of what to expect – how wrong I was! Once again, the group astound me with an innovative, energetic and captivating single. Teetering between alternative rock, indie rock and rock and roll, the lads add a contemporary twist to old-school rock sounds. Placing you in a swirl of sound, ‘Loud Shirts’ is another vibrant track from this UK quartet.

The third track off their upcoming debut EP Are You Sitting Comfortably?, ‘Loud Shirts’ is powerful and robust. Recorded in the middle of a pandemic, one would imagine the song being slower with a lack of energy; however, this is not the case! Working with renowned producer John Cornfield (Muse, Robert Plant and Supergrass), the track is filled with scorching guitars, pounding drums and distinct vocals that get your heart pumping from the outset.

With his obscure, raspy voice, frontman Chay leads the group through an ear-blistering three and a half minute long track. The first song penned with live shows in mind, ‘Loud Shirts’ has been a favourite at gigs for quite some time. Now, we are lucky enough to have it at our fingertips.

“‘Loud Shirts’ is centred around the band’s greatest passions in life which is, of course, the loudest shirts on the market! Most mates would rip into each other if your shirt was a bit out there, however, it’s the complete opposite here. If your shirt is a bit bland, you’ll certainly know about it.” – Chay Snowdon on ‘Loud Shirts’

For more from Chay Snowdon check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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