Dean Robert – Gone (2021)

Dean Roberts is using a flourish of tropical beats to tell the story of meeting the right person only to push them away in ‘Gone’. Using a sultry beat, he considers the resulting emotions that resonate through you after this. With a contrasting melody that pits carefree music against deeper personal reflections, the single will hook you to his sound.

You might know Robert’s as the lead singer of IKONICS, the Irish rock-soul group. Now, he is turning his formal musical training to his solo pop career which started in 2019. With unique slice-of-life singles wrapping modern pop tones around some retro vibes, he highlights his versatility and musicality.

‘Gone’ has you feeling some tropical vibes from the first note. The flourish of these beats pops through your chest to get you moving to them. As you listen, you are filled with images of warm sunny days by the pool as you relax with a cold drink. The tropical beats give way to a more traditional electronic pop bounce with a flair of sultry depth. It is a great upbeat melody that fills you with some good vibes and a carefree air. The almost playful energy of the music is at odds with the lyrics and vocals.

Robert’s vocals are an interesting combination of the tropical carefree energy of the music with a sense of deeper personal sadness. The rise and fall of his performance enhances this combination as he fills you with light in time to the bounce of the melody only to sink for a slower introspection. The lyrics are packed with regret and sorrow over what he has done. This all comes together for an interesting single that is part summery energy and part emotional reflection.

Dean Robert has you feeling the summery energy of the tropics while reflecting on pushing the right person away in ‘Gone’. The contrasting vocals and melody are artfully woven together to fill you with good vibes while making you think.

Find out more about Dean Robert on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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