Chelsea Radford – It’s Okay (2020)

A lot of people find it hard to be kind to themselves, but this is something we should all try to be. If you are struggling with this, Chelsea Radford is here to help with her single ‘It’s Okay’. Through the song, she encourages listeners to treat themselves with kindness. The uplifting tones and positive vibes of the track resonate through the soundscape allowing you to embrace your emotions.

Written by chart-topping singer-songwriters Biddy Ronelle and David Tattersall, the emotions of the lyrics are perfectly captured by Radford’s vocals. Having started her musical career at 16, she has toured with Mike Tyson and performed alongside Billy Pearce and The Drifters. Now, she is continuing to captivate listeners with his clear tones and emotive deliveries.

‘It’s Okay’ opens with Radford’s vocals smoothly drawing you into the single. The light flow of her performance has a lot of power resting in the lower levels. This bursts through on the chorus to send you soaring into the emotions of the track. Her vulnerable vocals help you connect with the single and provides a harder emotional hit. The lyrics are relatable and beautiful in their inspiration. As you listen to her, you are filled with the sense that it is okay to take the time to be kind to yourself and embrace whatever emotions you are feeling.

The powerful vocals are bolstered by the melodic flow of the music. The piano line pushes forward when Radford’s vocals break out only to dip down into a beautifully comfortable line for the softer moments. The beats offer a stable foundation for both the vocals and other instruments. The harmonisations on the chorus act as another melodic line that creates a rich soundscape.

Chelsea Radford gives you the strength to be kind to yourself while filling you with uplifting vibes in ‘It’s Okay’. The single combines her powerful vocals with a melodic line that pushes it to new heights. The lyrics are relatable and packed with positivity leaving you feeling ready to face the world.

Find out more about Chelsea Radford on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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