Dittomaster – Always (2020)

‘Always’ by Dittomaster is an electronic-punk fusion that fills you with good vibes and offers an uplifting message. Combining nostalgic electronic elements with modern punk sounds, the single is emotional and motivating. Using captivating storytelling lyrics, you are drawn into a musical journey that leaves you feeling good about things.

This uplifting vibe comes from Michael Wilson, the man behind the sound of Dittomater. Taking inspiration from Justice and Depeche Mode, he looks to connect with people through his music. His blended soundscapes push the boundaries and leave you mesmerised. This single is sure to get you hooked to his sound and marvelling at his musicality.

‘Always’ hits you with nostalgia from the first moment with some old-school synths. The plucky notes draw you into the track before you tumble along the rest of the melody. The guitar lines burst from below you and have you running forward along the soundscape. There is an interesting interplay between the instruments creating a unique melody. The lightness of the synths is countered by the guitar lines that pulse through and force you to give them attention.

The vocals continue the nostalgic vibe and have an infectious flow. You can easily move to the performance while you connect with the lyrics. There is a great storytelling quality to the lyrics as they fill you with good vibes. They are also extremely relatable which makes the song a lot of fun to get lost in. The abrupt end to the track does take you by surprise because you are drawn so deeply into the soundscape.

Dittomaster fills you with good vibes mixed with nostalgia using the uplifting and infectious ‘Always’. The single has these wonderful electronic notes that weave between some punk guitars. Together they form a soundscape that you can easily get lost in.

Find out more about Dittomaster on his Instagram and Spotify.

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