White Horses – Where Is Your Love (2020)

White Horses provide an observation of the result of the four years of the Donald Trump presidency. Their single ‘Where Is Your Love’ considers the division and derision which caused unrest and inequity in the country. It also looks past the country toward accelerating climate change which has not been taken seriously by most elected world leaders.

This reflective and questioning single comes from Stuart Harris, James Deane and Mim Grey. Harris enlisted Deane and Grey for the band in 2016 and have since released two albums with the collaboration of session musicians. Their rock sound has now taken a turn to the world at large and the impact of politics, human nature and greed. Featuring powerful vocals from John James Newman, this single will have you opening your mind to a whole new world.

‘Where Is Your Love’ hits you with the sound of a storm and deep bass building from the crashing of thunder. The guitars build a dark sound full of heavy-hitting notes from the depths of the melody. The steady beat of the drums and guitars draws you further into the single until the higher lines take over. This swings into a rather infectious melodic line that you have to move to. There is something utterly captivating about the movement of the melody that complements the vocals and messaging of the track.

Newman’s vocals take a swipe at you from the depths to lay the scene of the world. The lyrics are hard-hitting as they paint the evils of the world and the apathy many people feel. There is a build-up in the vocals that lead to the chorus which is very catchy. The flow of the vocals on the chorus melds with the melodic lines to make you want to sing along.

The accompanying music video is a joy to watch and starts like, the single, with a storm. The scenes flicker between colour and black and white. There is a sense of detachment to the music video and the two main characters. The deserted landscapes they are shown in addition to the division highlighted in the lyrics.

White Horses shine the light on the division and derision caused by politics and its impact on life in ‘Where Is Your Love’. The single has a hard-hitting melody that builds from the dark depths. This melds with the vocals that hook you and effortlessly paint the scene. The featured vocals from John James Newman are a treat for the ears and work so perfectly with Deane and Grey.

Find out more about White Horses on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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