Cherry Parke – All Around The Moon (2021)

Taking inspiration from Jules Verne, Cherry Parke is considering space travel and the future to the blended tones of ‘All Around the Moon’. Fusing 60s psychedelic sounds with ideas from the turn of the 20th century, he combines elements of pre-rock, show tunes and sea shanties. The eclectic mixture of sounds results in a listening experience that is quite different from other music.

This musical project was established last year by Will Wiggins, a lifelong drummer. Branching out to writing music, he experiments with different tones, melodic elements and lyrical structures. This all comes together for a sweet collision of influences that weave his inspiration into something unforgettable.

‘All Around the Moon’ brings an almost funfair tone to the opening that has a great retro feeling. The melody is packed with power-pop tones that take you back in time. These higher sounds have you bopping around to the music while smiling. There is a light tone of psychedelia to the melody through a slight distortion of the music in the lower levels. However, this is subtle and does not overshadow the power-pop vibe of the track. As you listen, you are thrown back to the time of The Beatles and Beach Boys.

Wiggins’ vocals add to the vintage feeling of the music. His voice complements the power-pop tones of the music while adding a light surf feeling. You can almost imagine this single playing in the evening on a pier while people have fun. The lyrics bring a hopeful tone for the future with a sense of wonder regarding space travel. All the elements come together for a light, playful and fun single that fills you with some good vibes.

Cherry Parke takes inspiration from Jules Verne and wraps it in retro tones for the playful and uplifting single ‘All Around the Moon’. The melody has a real funfair feeling to it while soaking you in power pop tones. This is enhanced by the vocals that bring a sense of wonder and good vibes.

Find out more about Cherry Parke on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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