Moscato – Lively Silence (2021)

Do you enjoy the sounds of Bon Iver, Olafur Arnalds and Ben Howard, then you’re sure to love Moscato. With decades of experience in various musical endeavours, the Italy-based singer-songwriter shares intimate sounds with his latest project. Featured on Nexus Music Blog, Indie Top 39, iHeart Radio and many other online radio stations, Moscato is gaining attention on a global scale. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Lively Silence’.

From his upcoming album The Path of Least Resistance, ‘Lively Silence is an acoustic-inspired follow-up to the synth-laden ‘Ljomi’. It is true that there is an underlying electronic beat interspersed throughout the track. In fact, Moscato draws you in with hazy synths, but the transition to a basic guitar demonstrates his versatility as an artist. He showcases innovativeness by combining organic and synthetic instrumentation into a soothing single track. As with previous singles, ‘Lively Silence’ creates an ethereal ambience suspending you in mid-air with the hypnotic tone.

Yes, there is a haziness to the track, but the barebones nature acts as an anchor in the swirl of sound. Using a personal stream-of-consciousness narrative, Moscato attempts to “describe silence with sounds and words”. Despite the rich warmth of Moscato’s vocals, ‘Lively Silence’ has a haunting effect with an otherworldly sense of melancholy. Aptly named, the single fills one’s soul with a robust calm and leaves you shivering with goosebumps.

For more from Moscato check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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